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ALFI new podcasts: Lessons from RDR, post-crisis priorities for pension funds and growth of responsible investing

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Watch leading industry experts give their views on key trends and issues discussed at this year’s ALFI Global Distribution Conference.

Bella Caridade-Ferreira, CEO, Fundscape

“The advice gap that has arisen in the UK through the RDR demonstrates the need for positive engagement by the industry with the regulator to influence the overall direction of travel and outcomes.” 

Thomas Seale, CEO of European Fund Administration (EFA)

“We have seen 20% growth in the responsible investing sector, with more and more institutional investors, high net worth individuals and retail investors interested in seeing their money invested in a responsible way.”

Nick Sherry, Australian senior adviser on superannuation, Citigroup Pty Ltd.

“Transparency, openness and fees are all assuming more importance for pension funds in the post-crisis environment of lower returns, whilst at the same time funds are always looking at more diverse ways to invest and newer, broader product options.”


Updated on 27/10/14
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