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new york roadshow

the AIFMD 1 year on

the new york athletic club

On 12 July 2013, Luxembourg was one of the first countries to transpose this Directive into national law. Since then, both onshore and offshore managers of alternative funds are working on their compliance with a wide set of new harmonised regulatory, organisational and operational requirements.

Long before its implementation, there have been ample controversial discussions about how this Directive would impact the alternative investment funds market landscape, product
development and distribution strategies.

Now, nearly one year after its transposition into our national law, we bring you two panels of experts from various disciplines to share their practical experience and advice with you on some of the main areas impacted by the Directive, namely structuring, substance, remuneration, distribution and reporting requirements.

This breakfast meeting will focus on practical solutions specifically for US fund managers.
Please do not hesitate to use this opportunity and get updated in only two hours!

full programme click here

Updated on 21/07/14  
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