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Re-domicile your fund onshore: Take the road to Luxembourg

There are many competitive advantages to be achieved by domiciling funds in the right country, including but not limited to reputation, tax efficiency, cost competitiveness, the availability of an experienced workforce and, most importantly, a business-oriented regulatory environment. Nowhere in the world can be found a greater concentration of professional expertise and focus around the fund industry in a business environment so conducive to its development. The flyer provides the reader with an overview with the advantages offered by Luxembourg as a domicile of choice for investment funds.

Annual Report 2013-2014

ALFI annual report 2013-2014 presents facts and figures on the development of the Luxembourg investment fund industry and the activities of our association. Older editions can be found here.

Faire carrière dans les fonds d'investissement

By tracking the life of an investment fund, this brochure, available in both English and French, explains how this investment vehicle works and provides an overview of the different careers available in this sector. This brochure will be available in English soon.

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