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Corporate social responsibility

ALFI represents the interests of a financial industry worth over 4,000 billion euros. Our ambition is to ‘further enhance Luxembourg’s position as the international fund centre of reference, recognised as open, reliable and innovative by investors, policymakers and industry alike’.

In this vein, ALFI commits to ensuring the highest industry standards. At the same time, we are fully aware of our own governance, environmental and social responsibilities (CSR). In 2017, we successfully renewed our ”Entreprise Socialement Responsable” label by the National Institute for Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility (INDR) which ALFI was first awarded in 2014.

ALFI’s CSR policy is based on three pillars: a commitment to the highest industry standards, active involvement of our members in everything we do and irreproachable internal management.

Highest industry standards

ALFI’s Code of Conduct outlines industry transparency and internal governance rules. The Code is periodically reviewed and updated and provides boards of directors with a framework of high-level principles and best practice recommendations for the governance of Luxembourg investment funds and management companies. ALFI strives to raise awareness for the leadership role that boards of directors have in promoting integrity, ethical behaviour and professionalism throughout the sector.

Shared good practices

We work not only for our members, but also with our members. They get involved in dozens of ALFI working groups covering industry matters and regulatory developments on an ongoing basis. To ensure fair representation of our 1,700 active members, ALFI regularly reviews the composition of these working groups. Highly specialised and experienced professionals contribute with their expertise to the successful work of 153 technical committees. Our members now also benefit from a platform that facilitates the exchange of information and ideas as well as storage and management of various documents and information. This members section provides personalised access for anyone involved in ALFI’s activities.

We encourage education at all levels: for beginner investors, we have created with useful tutorials that aim to explain the risks and benefits of an investment fund. For the experienced investor, we provide a wide range of information at We furthermore work closely with the University of Luxembourg and the Luxembourg House of Training on various educational projects for students and professionals.

Responsible governance

People are at the heart of ALFI. Just over thirty people work at the association's headquarters. Concerned about their well-being, and aiming to improve their working conditions, we have introduced flexible working hours, organised health awareness and ergonomics courses and encourage our employees to participate in sports events. ALFI is also committed to making a positive impact in society: we get involved in philanthropic activities with local NGOs, are an active member of social entrepreneurship initiatives and promote investor protection. In addition, to reduce ALFI’s environmental impact, we have reduced printed publications.





Updated on 30/05/18  
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