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alfi roadshow to edinburgh

Edinburgh - Caledonian Hilton Hotel, Princes Street, Edinburgh EH1 2AB

A delegation of 45 people travelled from Luxembourg to Edinburgh to participate in ALFI’s second roadshow, following our first event which was held in 2007. Over 140 participants from the local financial services industry attended the half-day seminar, which included an opening address by Mark Tennant, Chairman of Scottish Financial Enterprise; two panel discussions on ‘UCITS & Alternative UCITS’ and ‘Alternatives & The AIFMD’; and a panel interview on Corporate Governance.

In his opening remarks the chairman of the conference emphasised the potential synergies between Scotland and Luxembourg and stated that he believed that as two “relatively” small, proud and outward-looking nations which both lay pride upon punching above their weight on the international stage, there was room for much more cooperation between these two mature, growing and successful nations. This cooperation could eventually extend beyond financial services into areas such as education, logistics, health sciences and tourism where both nations play a leading role.

The session concluded with a networking, buffet lunch.

Updated on 09/09/11
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